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Questions is a great game with a medium level buzz factor. You can see the game demonstrated (after a fashion) in the tennis court scene in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

How to Play

Play begins when the first player serves by asking a question (often “Would you like to play questions?”). The second player must respond to the question with another question (e.g. “How do you play that?”). Each player must quickly continue the conversation by using only questions – no hesitations, no rhetorical questions, no statements, and no non-sequiturs (unrelated questions).

Obviously, the infraction of any rule is punishable by a drink.

Any question can be asked only once. Simply rephrasing somebody else’s question is a cheat. A person who repeats a question must take a drink.

Good questions are the innocent sounding ones: “Has the game started yet?” “Is it midnight yet?” “Is that button on your shirt undone?” However, the game often descends to a personal level fairly quickly “Are your breasts really 36DD?” “Do you masturbate every day?” or “Does your girlfriend always orgasm when you make love?”

If everybody cracks up (after, for example, a spectacularly personal question), a “Team Drink” is called.

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