Thumper Drinking Game

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A loud and simple game for people with loads of energy. It takes a lot of involvement, which is great when everyone’s hyper because there’s nowhere to go, or nothing better to do.

How to Play

To start with, each player chooses a hand gesture to represent them during the game; this can be polite, sexually enticing or downright rude, but it must be SHORT.

The game starts by everybody “drumming” their hands on the playing surface (the table, floor, or whatever). During the drumming, the leader shouts “WHAT’S THE NAME OF THE GAME?” everyone responds with “THUMPER!!!” then the leader shouts “AND WHY DO WE PLAY THE GAME?” responded by “TO GET FUCKED UP!!”

At this point, the leader performs their hand gesture, immediately followed by the gesture of any other player. This player then performs their own gesture followed by another player’s, and so on. When someone responds too slowly or misses their cue altogether must drink. They then become the leader for the next round.

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