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Whales Tales

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Although this game seems very confusing at first, you’ll get the hang of it… eventually. You’ll need at least 5 players for the best results.

How to Play

Players arrange themselves in a circle and the first person (the Prince of Wales) starts by saying:

“Whales Tales, Prince of Wales, somebody stole my tails, I accuse number x,”

where x is a number up to the number of people playing. For example, if there are seven players, the number will be between 1 and 7 (or alternatively, between reverse 1 and reverse 7). The play then goes to the left from the person that said the rhyme by the number of people stated, or to the right on reverse numbers.

Players must then point at the accused ‘whale’ and shout “Drink!”. However, as whales do not have fingers, players may only point with their elbows. The accused ‘whale’ must say “No!” before any player ‘points’ at them. If they manage to say “No” in time, then the accuser says “Who?”, then they say another number, and play continues. However, if the accused does not say “NO” in time, they must drink, and play stops. The player to the left of the accused begins again by saying the rhyme.

Play also stops whenever someone drinks, which occurs when:

  • Someone points with their finger, not their elbow
  • Someone messes up or stops while saying the rhyme or another part of the dialogue
  • Someone does not speak quickly enough; this is known as being a slow whale

Players may accuse themselves, but they must say “No” before they are pointed at, then say who and another number. Players always count from the player that says the number.

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