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Whizz Bang Boing!

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Also known as Bouncing Ball.

Fast, furious, and loud, this simple game will confuse the hardiest of drinkers after a few pints!

How to Play

Play begins with the first player stating “to my left/right” and then shouting “whizz” and clapping their hands in the direction of the next player. The next player then has 3 options.

  1. They can again shout “whizz” and clap in the direction of the person after them, keeping play moving in the same direction.
  2. They can shout “bang” and clap in the direction of the person that just sent it to them, and play reverses direction.
  3. They can shout “boing” and clap in the air to keep play in the same direction, but skip a player.

If anyone messes up, takes too long, etc, they drink. The faster this game moves the better! In addition, if the combo “whizz bang boing” is said in the normal playing sequence, every player must stand up, down their drink, and hold the glass upside down over their head. Last person to do so downs a pint of contributions!

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